Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cash Mob!

Tomorrow is a big day at TVG, it's the day of our Cash Mob!  

Are you asking yourself, what is a cash mob?  So was I a few weeks ago when Marie showed me a business card she had picked up at Edelweiss bakery.  

Before I knew it, we were nominated and then entered into a vote on the Cash Mob South of the River Facebook page, and thanks to many of our friends, family and customers.... we actually won!

So, what is Cash Mob?  

It all started in the summer of 2012 with two friends, Matt Johnson of Prior Lake and Ryan Berkness of Savage.  They both work in related fields, Matt has experience with customer loyalty programs for merchants and Ryan advises businesses on the use of social media. A Cash Mob is a play off of Flash Mobs (those crazy events where people meet and break into seemingly spontaneous dances.) It is a way to generate revenue for local businesses.  Every month one merchant is chosen (through a nomination and voting process on the facebook page) A time and date is set for the Cash Mob and then people voluntarily commit to showing up and spending approximately $20.

In speaking with Matt, it became apparent that he really just loves his community and wanted a unique way to help support local small businesses.

The Flash Mob South of the River facebook page has almost 1,100 likes now and the group also has a email list that it works from.    

One of the greatest parts about winning the Cash Mob is the awareness it creates for The Vintage Gypsy.  We have the opportunity to create relationships with customers that, if not for Matt and Ryan, may have never set foot through our doors.

Can't wait for tomorrow!  Stay tuned for a full report on what it was like to be mobbed by cash!  Or join the mob, in the store or online!  It all starts Wednesday, March 6th, at 4:55pm!  

Special thanks to Matt and Ryan for giving TVG this great opportunity!  You can count on Marie and I to participate in next month's mob, can't wait to see who the next lucky winner may be!

~ Mel

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