Thursday, March 21, 2013


A couple of times a year, Marie feels the urge for a change!
Not just a rearranging change, that changes like the weather at TVG... 
we are talking a full re-do of the back room! 
Marie starts researching and talking about ideas months in advance. 
She finds inspiration pictures, like these:

Then she picks her color palette.

Marie wanted the room to be brighter and beachy.   
The wall color changes often, but this Spring it was time for the floors to get new paint too!  Marie tests out a few colors before she finds what she wants.

Then painting begins!

The room went from dark gypsy glam green to warm brown tones.

Then the decorating begins!  

This is the fun part!

This yellow mantle mimics the one Marie found in the inspiration picture.

                                         Marie made the shell mirror!


There are subtle pops of the inspiration colors, like this adorable green side table that Marie painted.  (check out that vintage flower lamp!)

 Stop in The Vintage Gypsy today to see the back room's new look!

~ Mel

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