Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Gypsy Photo Shoot

It all began one day when Marie and I were working in the store and an adorable little lady walked up and said, "I have an idea....."  The concept?  A gypsy photo shoot, featuring clothes and vintage homegoods from the store, and the talents of not only that adorable little photographer, Sara Kirk Sneider, but the skills of makeup artist Niki Robison and hair stylist Coley Myrmel.  The best part?  They actually wanted Marie and I to be the models!  To be honest, I thought they were a little crazy about that part!

We spent the weeks leading up to the shoot discussing general themes and ideas in Facebook messages.  We met one time to discuss concepts and one time to scout the location, Marie's parent's beautiful back yard. I spent a lot of time freaking out about what we were going to wear, the weather, what kind of model I would be, etc...  Marie, as usual, remained calm and easy going all the way up the day of the shoot.  

Back Yard of Marie's Parent's House.

The day of the shoot Marie, Sara and I met up at The Vintage Gypsy and started pulling things and stuffing them into the back of Marie's junkin' truck.  Next we went over to Marie's house and took things from her house and backyard.  Then we were off to the location where we spent a few hours setting up two different areas.

The Arbor Area

Cottage in the back yard.

We took a break for lunch, yes... these models actually ATE!  Then Coley and Niki came to my house to do our hair and makeup.  Both Marie and I had never had our makeup professionally done, so this was an unique experience for us both!  Nicole did a incredible job on our makeup!  

Niki touching up Mel's make up.

Coley made our hair look fabulous!  Marie doesn't curl her hair very often and I thought Coley made her look absolutely gorgeous!  I have been trying to talk her into curling her hair all the time!

Coley touching up Marie's hair.

Marie, Coley, Nicole and Mel

We all met back up at the location, and with the wine flowing, the magic began!

Sara made us feel so relaxed and comfortable we almost forgot she was taking our picture!

Adorable doggy not for sale.  :(

Time flew by and we were all having so much fun together, I didn't want it to end!

The jewelry I am wearing in the photos was made by our friend and fashion blogger, Cate Mezyk, who can be found on Facebook or check out her incredible fashion blog, Wild Ruffle.

Jewelry by Wild Ruffle
Dress at The Vintage Gypsy

It's over already?
This was the last shot of the day and you can just tell how relaxed and confident we were feeling.  

Niki Robison

Niki Robison can be found at Niki Robison Brow & Skin Studio at the The Hair District in Eden Prairie and also on Facebook.  I have never wore such dramatic makeup, but it look so good I felt super confident!  The makeup felt light and airy and I wished that it could have lasted for days.

Coley Myrmel
Coley Myrmel saved us by agreeing to style our hair at the last minute, after the original stylist backed out.  She made our hair look gorgeous and even took some down time between my hair and Marie's to style my daughter's hair.  You can find her at The Hair District in Eden Prairie, at their website and their Facebook page.

Sara Kirk Schneider
Sara is just about the nicest person you will ever meet, sweet and down to earth, she makes you feel like you are hanging out with an old friend.  A friend that just happens to also be able to take the most amazing pictures of yourself that you have ever seen.  She's a married mother of three and has been a photographer for over 12 years.  Her business is PhotoGazelle and  she is located in Prior Lake.  You can find her on at PhotoGazelle Photography, her Facebook page PhotoGazelle Photography llc or her blog PhotoGazelle@photoblog.  Marie and I highly recommend Sara if you are considering having your picture taken professionally.

Both of these dresses available at The Vintage Gypsy

Thanks again to Niki, Coley and Sara!  The Gypsy Photo Shoot was an incredible day!  


  1. Your words are POETIC and so descriptive our our time! Thank you for all of you kind words about me and the girls. It was a magical day ... thank you both for trusting me and agreeing to do this little dream for me. I hope we can do it again in the fall or winter! Can you see it now? Barns, fields, fences, horses and AMAZING FALL CLOTHES AND BOOTS! I'm swooning thinking about it! :) Let's start scouting locations!

  2. Love it! We are in and we CANNOT wait!

  3. It was so much fun seeing your photos. i felt like i was there with you.