Monday, May 18, 2015

Behind the scenes at Twin Cities Live!

A few weeks ago the girls at Wild Ruffle were asked to be on a local tv show called, Twin Cities Live.  If you live in the metro area you probably already know about TCL, but for out-of-towners, it is an afternoon talk show on KSTP/Channel 5, weekdays at 3pm, hosted by Steve Patterson and Elizabeth Ries.  It is like our very own LIVE with Kelly and Michael!

Our friends Cate and Tammy have a blog called Wild Ruffle and they also own a shop called Urban Ruffle right next door to The Vintage Gypsy!  They asked Marie to be a part of the show, to model some TVG clothes and to provide some clothes for other models.  Marie tried a few different ways to get out of modeling, but in the end she reluctantly happily cooperated!  Marie is surprisingly shy sometimes.  The girls graciously allowed me to tag along and help out behind the scenes, which basically meant I made jokes and kept Marie from having a stress stroke.

It was so exciting to be inside an actual TV studio, though Marie and I should not be trusted to be serious anywhere.

We arrived about an hour before showtime and were escorted to the Green Room.  The halls of KSTP are lined with colorful blocks, all signed by people who have been on the show! 

They provided us with a make-up room stocked with everything from deodorant to curling irons and hairspray!  If you ever want to be horrified see what you actually look like, gaze into a mirror surrounded by 100 lights that shine with the intensity of the afternoon sun.  Yikes!

I could have spent DAYS just reading all the blocks, but I had other important tasks to attend to.

Bert's dress was a wee bit wrinkly after she put in on, so I did the only sensible thing and ironed it while she was wearing it!  Bert was one of the models , but she is also a blogger, she and her sister Laura have an awesome blog called First Time Mom.

About 30 minutes before showtime the girls had a run through, they were shown where Cate and Tammy would sit and where the models would enter for the fashion show.

Again, we can't be trusted...

At this point, I had to leave Marie and go sit in the studio audience.  I got a seat right in the front row and thought I was SO LUCKY, until the cameras moved in front of me and a big guy sat next to me.

Can you find me?

When I watched the show later, every time the camera panned the audience, all you see is the tippy top of my head behind that guy's shoulder!  Doh!

Anyway.... I knew Marie was going to be at the height of her nervousness now, so I texted her the one thing that makes her laugh harder than anything right now....  I am positive it helped.  

The focus of the show was Minnesota Bloggers and it was packed full of great information!  There was a blogger panel that had some great tips on monetizing a blog featuring a blogger name Alice, who has tons of great recipes on her blog,  Dining with Alice.  There was a cooking segment with Lindsay from Pinch of Yum, she had great tips on taking photographs for your blog.  The ladies from Twin Cities Moms Blog were there with great tips about balancing being a mom, a wife and a blogger.  

Lindsay from Pinch of Yum

Then it was the big moment!  Cate and Tammy talked about how their love for fashion progressed from blogging to an online shop and now, to a storefront in downtown Prior Lake!

Cate and Tammy did a fantastic job emceeing the fashion show, and they did it all without notes or a script!  I thought that was absolutely crazy amazing, as I would have probably froze as soon as I started talking!

Marie came out and she looked beautiful!  She was wearing the Dream Escape Maxi with the Cream Lace Duster over it, she also had on the Floppy Boho Hat and our Minnetonka Isabel Fringe Wedges.  She layered two necklaces, the MSP and the Tribe Necklace.  You can find everything she is wearing on our website, or by clicking the links in the captions.

Dream Escape Dress
Cream Lace Duster

Isabel Fringe Wedge
Floppy Boho Hat

Tribe Necklace
MSP Necklace

Bert was modeling our Handkerchief Dress with the Watercolor Floral Kimono.  

Watercolor Floral Kimono
Hankerchief Dress

The hour went by so fast!  It was so fun to be a part of the studio audience and to see what goes on behind the scenes of a LIVE show!  It is amazing how quickly the crew scrambles during the commercial breaks to reset the stage for the next segment.   As soon as the show was over Steve and Elizabeth taped the promos for the next day's show, it was fascinating how they could flip between talking to the audience and taping in a split second! 

Steve and Elizabeth answered audience questions and then stayed to take photos with everyone.

It was an amazing experience and Marie and I want to thank the girls at Wild Ruffle for letting us be a part of their special day!

If you are local, you can be a part of the back stage experience too!  Twin Cities Live has seats for up to 50 audience members every weekday, and the seats are free!  Sign up here to be a part of the TCL audience!

~ Mel


  1. I don't live anywhere in the area but what a fun day that looks like! Seems like it would have been nerve wracking but exhilarating all at the same time. Also I have totally ironed clothes while wearing them!!

  2. We were so excited to have you guys along for the fun ride! xo

  3. What a great day ~ I had fun just reading about it!!