Monday, May 4, 2015

Repurposed Candles!

If you're like me, you love having lots of candles around your home. When your candle dies you're faced with throwing away a perfectly good jar!  Gah!  Luckily, The Vintage Gypsy sells a lot of candles that are in pretty containers that would be perfect for reusing!

I love these Recycled Wine Bottle candles, they've already been repurposed once from a wine bottle into a candle, and part of the proceeds of the sale is donated to animal rescues!

I had a candle that I had used up, so lit it and let the remaining wax melt. 

Then I poured the melted wax out. There was still a little wax left on the sides of the jar, so I let it sit in some boiling water for awhile.  This melted the remaining wax on the sides and bottom of the jar.

The remaining wax wiped out easily with a paper towel.  Then I washed it out with soap and water. Once the jar is clean of wax you could easily just repurpose it in the kitchen or bathroom.

But, I had picked up a cute Baby Tear's plant (Helxine Soleiroloi) this past weekend and it needed a new pot.  The repurposed jar was just the right size!

Since there's no way to add drainage holes to the bottom, I filled the bottom 1/3 of the jar with small rocks.  I just choose a few from my neighbor's landscaping rocks!  Ha!  Thanks neighbors!  

Then I just popped my plant inside!  So easy!

Right now, The Vintage Gypsy has a lot of items at the shop that you could use as stands or pedestals.

So, stop in today and pick out one of our many candles and a one of a kind pedestal. Perfect for your candle and then your repurposed planter!  

~ Melisa

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