Monday, May 11, 2015

The Plant Recipe Book

Spring is here!  I have the itch to get my hands into some dirt and do some planting!  The Plant Recipe Book is available at The Vintage Gypsy, both in store and online, and it is full of unique and beautiful ideas!  I want to make EVERY.PLANTER.IN.THIS.BOOK.  But, I restrained myself and picked only a few projects to show you.

I started by making a trip to check for supplies and prices, that's right, I've done all the footwork FOR you!  All of these items are easily accessible in stores in the area and I have provided links, in case you want to purchase them yourself!

Planting #1 - Orchid Apothecary Jar  pg 139

I found beautiful cloches and jars at Michael's!  I picked this 16" Apothecary Jar.  I found the moss and Orchid Mix at Wal-Mart.

I picked up a Mini Orchid at Cub Foods!  I got all my supplies together, added orchid mix, potting mix and a little bit of charcoal.  I used a charcoal briquet and just shredded it up with our cheese grater!  Don't tell my husband!    

Then I layered a little more Orchid Mix around the plant, pressing down to make sure it was secure and there weren't air pockets, then layered the moss on top.  The shape of the Apothecary Jar made this part a little tricky!  I ended up using chopsticks and a knife to get everything situated just right.  Try soaking your moss in water before placing it in the jar, the moss is easier to work with when wet.  

This planter is available for purchase, in store only!

Planting #2 - Nerve Plant with Company  pg 188

My next project was a box planter.  I had a box that I was not using that looked very similar to the picture in The Plant Recipe Book, but any box will work!

I found all of my supplies at Wal-Mart, they have a great selection of small indoor plants that are very affordable!

Ivy, Fittonia "RedVein", Rex Begonia

I used a plastic bag to line the inside of the box, this step is super important or you will have a BIG MESS every time you water your plant!  I taped the bag to the inside of the box, just to hold it in place while I planted, then removed the tape before I placed the moss.  I picked plants similar to the ones described in the book, making sure they all had the same light requirements.  Then all that was left to do was add the plants and a layer of moss over the soil.  So easy!

Planting #3 - Moss  pg.175

This last planter was my favorite, because it was EASY and also because it required going on an adventure!  A MOSS HUNT!  My neighbor Kelly and I traipsed through the woods behind my house and in her parent's back yard to find the beautiful moss.  (Am I the only one obsessed with moss right now?  I hope not!)

We tried to find different colors and textures of moss, which is relatively easy in any shady wooded area.  The jar you need is very specific, but I found it very easily at Target, it's actually a jewelry tray.  You can find it here.

When I got my moss home I soaked it in water and then used a coaster (which happened to be the perfect size!) to cut a perfect circle of moss.

Then I gently fit each piece of moss into the container, making sure it didn't bunch up on the sides and that no gaps were around the edges.  Then I placed it in a spot in my living room that doesn't get direct sunlight.

I love how this one turned out!  The best part about it is that the closed container holds water and only needs a little touch of water every now and then!

The instructions in the book are so easy to follow and there are 97 other projects for you to try!  I already have plans to try two more this week!

You can find the book here or in store!  Happy planting!

~ Mel

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