Monday, June 29, 2015

Cooking with Marie & Mel

Marie and I were sitting at The Pointe on Saturday after work.  Marie was enjoying one of her favorite meals on earth, a Bloody Mary and the Chip Trio.  The Chip Trio comes with Salsa, Guacamole and this melty white cheese that is pretty much a gift from God.  We were discussing the deliciousness of our snack when Marie confessed that she has never made homemade guacamole!  *gasp!  There was really nothing I could do at that moment but to rectify that situation, so I whipped out a notebook and started a grocery list.

On our menu:
Homemade Guacamole
Lee's Hamburgers
Mexican Corn
Greek Potatoes

We paid our tab and headed down the street to the local grocery store, where I soon realized Marie has been blindly buying sweet corn her entire life.

Oh lawsy!  You can't just trust the sweet corn to be honest, you have to CHECK!  I showed her how you have to open it to check for good ears of corn.

 Annnnnnnd THIS is why you check!  EW!

Then I set off to herd cats help Marie find the rest of the ingredients.  Let me tell you people, when Marie is a grocery store she is as vulnerable as a baby lamb dropped into a den of lions.

If something says, "DEAL OF THE CENTURY!" or "DON'T MISS THIS BARGAIN!" she WILL purchase it!  It is like SHE FEELS REQUIRED TO DO SO.  And just forget about trying to talk her out of it if it has a unique name like say..... DONKEY CHIPS.

Marie Tip :  Smell pretzel buns before you buy them.

Once we returned home I found solid proof that Marie doesn't cook often.

YES, that IS Root Killer on TOP OF THE STOVE next to a FRYING PAN.

Chico was like, THIS AGAIN?

Marie started by slicing the avocados.

Then continued by smashing them with a fork and squeezing fresh lime juice over the avocados, whilst drinking wine of course!

Next it was time for red onion, cilantro and a jalape├▒o.  This is where I took over a lot a little.  Slicing and dicing bores Marie.  *sigh

Then we mix it all together.

And put it into a pretty vintage bowl!

We put the guacamole in the fridge and moved on the the Mexican Corn recipe.  At this point we just measured out our ingredients and mixed together the greek yogurt and sour cream, then set it aside in the fridge.

Then we went outside to shuck the corn, and LOOK!  A wee teeny frog lives in Marie's chair.  OF COURSE IT DOES.  I can't be the only one that imagines Marie strolling through the forest with tiny woodland creatures following her, am I?

Ellie helped with the corn.

Time to relax and watch these two lovebirds chat.  Lee was telling a riveting story about burning off all of his arm hair.

But, I had to crack the whip and drag Marie back into the kitchen to make Lee's Not So Secret Anymore Secret Potatoes.  Red Potatoes, lots of butter and greek seasoning... fold it up in foil.  So easy!

Can we take a moment out to pray for the Hoese's freezer?  What in the actual......?????

Time to make the burgers!  Also, time for a lecture on safety while using knives.  GAH!
Lee had us mix 1lb Ground Beef with 1lb Ground Pork and then season with salt and pepper.


Next up was grill safety, because if you remember our last cooking blog Marie mentioned blowing up the grill.  Lee shows us how to start the grill, tells us to let it heat up and then says we have to clean it.  Wait..... wha???

Marie was not sold on the whole idea of having to scrub that grill like a possessed person, but Lee insisted.



Sidebar:  Lee. Dude.  After that night, I feel like I totally understand you better on so many levels.  End Sidebar.

Lee takes over grilling.

Marie passes off the cheese in a super hygenic way.

Once the corn was done cooking we took it back into the kitchen.  First we spread on our yogurt/sour cream mixture.

Then sprinkled it with seasoning, parmesan cheese and chopped cilantro.

It looked SO GOOD!

We took all of our food outside and it was time to eat!

What would you like to see Mel and Marie cook next?  Let us know in the comments!