Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Time Shop Fun!

While you are in The Vintage Gypsy the one thing you hear people say often is, things look so different in here!  It's true, Marie likes to switch things up!  She loves to rearrange and to find unconventional ways to repurpose her vintage finds.  Things are hardly ever in the same place from week to week!  The greatest thing about that is that it makes you feel like you are walking into a new shop every time you visit!

Marie has been working hard lately, with the help of Britt (who now works at TVG full time!  More on that in a future blog!), on a summer shop flip!

This dress is amazing!  I wore it on Saturday and got so many compliments!  It is perfect for Sunday brunch, a block party or a picnic!

There are tons of 4th of July decor items in the shop right now, I love flipping my porch or patio with the addition of something simple like pillows or these festive swags.

The dynamic duo of Kevin and Amy Baas, from Little Fish Designs and Baas Metal Craft have teamed up to create some awesome signs that are in the shop now.

Everywhere you look there are tons of things you could easy add to your indoor or outdoor living spaces.  Yes, that IS a bike in the front window!

These outdoor candles smell SO GOOD!

But, don't forget about DAD!  Next weekend is Father's Day!  If you totally forgot haven't gotten the guy in your life anything yet, don't worry!  We have tons of man stuff!

This line of products is made specifically for men!  They are made with quality plant extracts like Grapefruit Seed, Green Tea, Papaya, Sage and Lemongrass. You can find it in the store or online.

There are lots of fun gifts for the bar or some funny coffee table books, like Busted, it features mugshots of famous people!

Wine Bottle Cover

I think the Vinnebago has got to be one of the BEST inventions ever!  It is perfect for taking your beverage on-the-go!  It keeps drinks cool for up to 24 hours and warm for 12!  Made of stainless steel, the canteen does not emit condensation and does not require freezing prior to use.  Where was the Vinnebago when it was Mother's Day?!?  I want one too!


Perfect for the guy that likes craft beer.
You can kick that can doozie to the curb with the Artican.  You simply freeze the inner core and then pop in your favorite canned beverage, it will keep it cool for up to three hours!

There is so much fun stuff to stock up Dad's bar, it was hard for me not to buy one of each!

If you hurry, there is still time to buy something online if you can't make it into the shop!  We have an entire section on The Vintage Gypsy Website that is devoted to Gifts for Him!

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