Monday, July 27, 2015

Drift Away...

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year, mostly because I'm not freezing my a$# off!  The other main reason I love summer is because it means we get to spend time at one of my favorite happy places of all time...the cabin.

The Cabin.

Our cabin is in Canada so we don't get there too often, but when we do it is complete HEAVEN!!  No cell service or Internet = total disconnect & relaxation.

One of my favorite things to do when at the cabin is to scour the shoreline for driftwood & other finds that have washed ashore. 

Spring time pretties along the shoreline.

Checking in on the resident beaver in my driftwood filled canoe.

Seriously, there is so much to choose from!

I also am quite the rock nerd & this one is so cool!  I love how it's totally out of place among the black rocks.  A diamond in the rough!

Last year the lake had record high levels that brought in some amazing drift TREES!  This one is so huge & has an entire ecosystem living on it!  I can't imagine seeing this bad boy floating in the water!!

Another super cool drift tree.

This one I had found a long, long time ago & is my favorite piece!  The tree literally grew around the rock & is keeping it with him. :)

I love to take a couple of pieces & work them into my yard.

Another piece adding interest.

Driftwood chandelier 

Bringing a piece of weathered wood into your home adds a bit of interest & texture to your space.  Check out this chandelier made from driftwood! 

PS we have a couple of these for sale at the shop! 
(*call 952-226-2400 for more info on this chandelier.)

Driftwood tea light holder, resin crab & recycled bottles.

Another fun idea is to re-purpose a piece of driftwood into a tealight holder!  A unique piece you won't find anywhere else.  

This piece is also available at TVG. *call 952-226-2400 for more info.

Here's a fun DIY idea...plant succulents inside your found piece of driftwood!

No matter your decorating style, there's always room to add interest with a unique found piece of nature's art!  How do you decorate with found objects?!


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