Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet Brittany!

On the 5th of June, The Vintage Gypsy hired its first full time employee, Brittany Mathis!  Britt is a familiar face in the shop, as she has been helping out for the past few years, but now you will be seeing her on a regular basis!

I am a huge Britt fan, we share a love of all things organized, which let's be honest.... this is the yin to Marie's yang.  But, beyond our love of planners, lists and schedules, Britt is just easy to love.  I interviewed her for today's blog so that all of you can get to know her too!

Brittany is 30 years old.  She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and move to Kenyon, Minnesota when she was in 7th grade.  Brittany has been married for six years to Paul Mathis.  Paul is a tall, dark and handsome type.  He is quiet, but you only have to spend a few minutes with the two of them to see how much they adore one another.  Paul grew up in Greece and South Africa, but the two of them met in a place that couldn't be more American.... a shopping mall! Brittany and Paul have one child, an adorable little guy named Miles who will be 3 years old in August.

Before Brittany came to The Vintage Gypsy she was working as the Operations Coordinator at a dentist's office.  From the moment she started working at TVG she knew it was different than any other job she has had.  She always felt like she had to find a way to be involved more with the shop or she needed to soak up all the information that Marie was willing to offer, so that maybe someday she could do something similar.  I asked her if there was one word that would describe how it feels to work at The Vintage Gypsy and she said, Inspired.

I interviewed Britt at the shop after it closed on Sunday.  Her husband Paul helps out with our website and was meeting with Marie, so Britt and I went outside to talk while Miles drew on the sidewalk.  The relationship between these two is so sweet.

What animal best represents you?  (the answer I was looking for here was: Unicorn)
I am allergic to all animals.   (I am pretty sure unicorns are hypoallergenic.... but I let it go.)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
(with no hesitation)  Florence, Italy.  I was heavily inspired by one of the first movies I saw, While You Were Sleeping. In the movie the main character talks a lot about going to Florence and after I saw it I started researching it. I have always dreamed of going there.

What was your dream job growing up?
A writer or a teacher.

What fad do you with would come back?
Hacky Sacks  (what the WHAAAT??)

What makes you happiest?
I struggle with being happy because I am always juggling the different parts of my life.  I don't like to do anything half way.  I am happiest at the end of the day if I feel like I have met everyone's needs or when Miles is happy.  When Miles is happy, I am happy.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would be less of a people pleaser and say exactly what is on my mind.

What motivates you to succeed?  
My family and the feeling that I have contributed to something, a greater cause.  I have to feel like I have accomplished something, even if it is on a smaller scale.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully with 2 kids and a house in Prior Lake.  I hope that we have opened a second location for The Vintage Gypsy, that we are well on our way to building our Gypsy empire and that we are still enjoying Chip Trios at The Pointe.  Basically, living the dream.

TV Show:  True Detective, or Chicago Fire and Chicago PD because they are actually filmed in Chicago and I get to see places I am familiar with.
Music:  I wasn't allowed to listen to much music growing up,  (she was a Pastor's daughter!!), so I am super into classic rock and 90's grunge bands.  I will listen to a little country too.
Color:  Blue
Food: Seafood
Wine:  Pinot Grigio

Here are a few things she probably wouldn't ever tell you.  Brittany is smart and she is a hard worker, if there is something she doesn't know or understand she won't stop until she figures it out.  She is a kind, thoughtful person and she goes out of her way to be helpful and supportive.  She is a great friend and she has a the best sense of humor.  She is shy at first, but once you get to know her you will wonder why you ever thought she was shy.  She is a perfectionist in the best possible way.  She is a great Mom.  She is patient, loving and always teaching Miles things in a way that is so fun, he doesn't even know he is learning.  She is creative and has a great instinct for fashion and design.  She is humble and because I said all of these things about her, I will probably have to buy her a Chip Trio and a glass of Pinot to make up for embarrassing her.

So now that you know Brittany a little better, stop in to the shop and say hi to the first official full time employee at The Vintage Gypsy!  I couldn't think of anyone more suited for the job!

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