Monday, September 28, 2015

Meet Deirdre!

FULL NAME:  Deirdre Renee’ Johnson

AGE:     Fifty (It looks better in writing) :) 

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP?     I grew up in Rochester,  MN

DO YOU HAVE SIBLINGS?    I was brought up an only child.  Then in 1996 I found out that I had a brother that I never new existed! He searched for his birth mother (my mom) and found us! So… I have a brother named John :)    

DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN? I have 2 beautiful daughters.  Danika Michaela , 20 and Serena Hope, 15.

WHAT OTHER JOBS DO YOU HAVE? I have many jobs!

First, I have been a hairdresser for 31 years, currently working 2 days a week behind the chair at Beau Monde Salon in Burnsville.

Second, I am a GHD Master Educator.  GHD is a luxury hot tool company founded in 2001 in the UK.  I have worked for them for 9 years now.  I travel with this, going into salons and stores teaching about these remarkable tools!  I educate the staff so they can use and sell to their clients.  Some of my accounts include Saks, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Space NK, Sephora, and many upscale salons as well. 

Third, I created my own business Eclectic 412 in 2013.  I started collecting vintage items of all kinds about a year prior to starting the biz.  I then take these finds, from furniture to home decor and repurpose, up cycle and create a new life for them!  My first sales were in my front yard. Then custom orders started to roll in.  I have since sold at The Denim Rose, Haupt Antiek Market and found my home here at The Vintage Gypsy!  And I just did my first year at the Trader's Market in Elko!

Fourth I work at The Vintage Gypsy!  Where I am able to sell my one of a kind creations, and be surrounded by the incredible people and amazing things in this store!  It’s one of my favorite places ever! 

HOW DID YOU START WORKING AT THE VINTAGE GYPSY?  I discovered this glorious place a few years ago.  I would come in just to be surrounded by everything in here, my happy place!  Then I started making these cozy arm knit scarves and asked Marie if she would want them to sell in her store.  She said yes, so I started by bringing my scarves in.  Then one day I said, “If you ever need anyone to work with you, I’m your girl!”  About a week later, she facebook messaged me to see if I was serious, and bam, I became a Gypsy!  (Being that I’m 50 I think “Vintage” fits as well!) ha ha 

WHAT ANIMAL BEST REPRESENTS YOU?     Thinking……..  Maybe a mama Lion or Bear.  I am always protecting my pride and my (not so lil’) cubs! <3

IF YOU COULD TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  I have been to Italy twice.It is my dream and passion to live there one day.  I hope to take my daughters there next.  When I am there it just is well with my soul <3

WHAT WAS YOUR DREAM JOB GROWING UP?  Actually I believe I’m living it.  Although, I wish I could be a fighter pilot! LOVE jets!

WHAT FAD DO YOU WISH WOULD COME BACK? I like the fads that we have currently, everything from hair to clothes!

WHAT FAD DO YOU WISH NEVER COMES BACK?  Thong workout clothes! Ewe.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD IT BE?  I would love to be taller! What a wonderful thing it would be if I didn’t need a chair or ladder for things most can reach! Although, I have figured out many creative ways to get things down from high places!!!

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO SUCCEED?  Smiles…….. I believe that if I can make at least just one person smile a day, and make "their day", It makes me motivated to keep it going!  
Smiles ARE contagious!  By doing someones hair, teaching them something, creating that special piece for them, or simply speaking life into their world, thus bringing on that grin, creates joy in my heart and makes me strive for more! :)

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS?    I hope I will be living in Southern California, going to the ocean, my feet in the sand and still being a ‘daymaker' for others!


TV SHOW:   Scandal 
MUSIC:        No favorites, I like most, but My 15 yr old likes 80’s 90’s rock I have to say, I do love those bands!
COLOR:       Pink has always been my favorite, it makes me happy!  (But not for clothes I wear!)
FOOD:         Sushi, Steak, Chocolate…… Wait…. is chocolate a food?  
WINE:          I don’t drink, but Coffee would be my wine!

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