Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall DIYs!

Fall is FINALLY here!  I LOVE Fall!  The beautiful colors of the changing leaves, the crisp autumn air.... the fact that I can wear BOOTS and LEGGINGS again!  YES!

Pinterest has been sending me tempting emails with all of these gorgeous Fall decorations so I thought I would finally try a few!  They were all super easy and totally doable, even for a novice crafter!

Stick Letter
I picked up my letter at Michael's for $3, they had a variety of different sized and colored letters.  Then my herd of pets and I picked up sticks in the back yard.  You will want to find the straightest sticks possible!  (cats are horrible at finding sticks)

You'll also need a glue gun, some newspaper and some garden snippers.  I set up shop in my living room so I could watch reality TV while I crafted.

I started out cutting a bunch of sticks to a similar length, but quickly realized that I would need them at varying lengths, so then I cut the sticks as I went along.  I also doubled up in some places, just to make sure I covered any gaps where you could see the white of the letter.

This project was not complicated at all, just keep cutting and gluing.  You will want to glue some sticks to the edges of your letters too, this makes it look like you actually made a letter all out of sticks!

It was FAST too, I was done and cleaned up within an hour!

Glitter Pumpkins
My next project was even easier than the first one!  For this project all you need is pumpkins, spray adhesive, glitter and some newspapers.

I bought my glitter at Michael's, they were $1.50 each.  Even though the containers look small it was more than enough glitter for our pumpkins.

We started by lining the countertop with newspaper, then I sprayed the tops and upper half of the pumpkin with spray adhesive.

Then all you have to do is shake the glitter onto your pumpkin.  Our glitter had a top with shaker holes, but if yours doesn't just use a plastic spoon to apply the glitter.

We sprayed the adhesive several times on spots where we wanted additional glitter.  Carsten made her her glitter go down the sides farther than mine.

Let your pumpkins dry for a few minutes, then shake off the excess glitter and they are ready for display!

Pallet Pumpkin
Marie had a small pallet at the shop the other day, and I grabbed it immediately!  I had pinned the pallet pumpkin weeks ago and wanted to try it.  But, if you don't have a Marie, you can sometimes convince workers at certain home improvement stores to give you small pallets.  You didn't hear that from me!

First I had a little work to do to the pallet.  I removed the weird little squares and straightened out the bottom board.

Next I took some Flat White-ish Wall Paint and mixed it with a little water.  I white washed the boards, brushing on a little paint and then wiping it off.

Next I used a pencil to do a rough outline of a pumpkin.  Then I just dove in and started filling in my pumpkin.

After I had the pumpkin painted I started mixing my paints to make some different shades of orange and some dark brown colors.  I filled in the stem and painted highlights on the pumpkin to make it look, well..... hopefully more like a pumpkin.

This was all trial and error.  If you make a mistake, no big deal, just paint over it with the pumpkin color or the whitewash.  I did this several times until I was somewhat satisfied with my pumpkin.  If I am being honest, I actually messaged 3 people to ask if it was a disaster really looked like a pumpkin.

There you have it, three fun and inexpensive projects!  I spent less than $20 for the supplies for all three projects.  You can find the Pallet Pumpkin available for purchase at The Vintage Gypsy!

~ Mel


  1. I LOVE the stick letter! Think that would be great on the front door, especially this fall.

  2. Definitely going to do the stick letter. My 7 year old loves to craft. After her last glitter bomb all over my basement floor, I think we will stick will glue and paint :)