Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DIY Chalk Paint!

So by now I'm sure you've heard of this little thing called 'chalk paint'. Yes, it is everywhere & EVERYONE seems to be using it.  There are a few brands out there with the most well-known being Annie Sloan who actually invented the stuff & made it a household name.  Chalk paint is supposed to be this miraculous paint that can be painted on almost anything...even fabric!  I was skeptical, stubborn & didn't want to conform because I like to march to my own drum. I mean, I had my latex paint obsession, had used that for years & was happy with its results.  Lately though I've been in a creative slump so I decided I would try something I had been resisting, I would TRY chalk paint but only on MY terms & for waaaayyy cheaper than the big brand names out there (because in my mind, that was my way of NOT conforming)!!

Sooo, being a person that has always wanted to figure things out for myself I decided to search out a way to make my own chalk paint.  I found out that I can use latex paint, which I was excited about because I seriously have an obsession with paint & probably own one thousand cans of the crap (this is not an estimation).

I came across a few different SUPER EASY recipes & settled on this one! All of these supplies you literally can pick up at any hardware store.

Chalk Paint Supplies:
Latex paint (seriously, check out the 'oops' section of your local home improvement store)
Plaster of Paris (also purchased at any home improvement store)
Water (I can't help you if you don't know where to find this)
Bowl & spoon for mixing
Measuring cup


Mix the water & plaster of Paris well.

Mix until the clumps are gone.

Add the latex paint color of your choice.

Stir really well.

Mix 1/3 cup plaster of pairs & 1/3 cup of water; stir until completely smooth.  Mix that with 1 cup of latex paint & stir well.

This will make enough paint to cover a large cabinet or a few smaller pieces. If you are doing a small project, mix equal parts water & plaster of Paris in smaller proportions with the appropriate amount of water.  **Side note: I've used different measurements of all ingredients & you really can't mess this up.  You might want to play around with a test piece of wood or cardboard before you commit.  The only other down side about making your own chalk paint is that you cannot store it & reuse it for future use.

Here's what I painted...a super cool old table base!  

The FUN begins!  Start painting your piece!

This is what it looks like when dry.

I only did one coat of paint here because I wanted to distress the piece with a little more of the oak showing through.  You can definitely paint two coats if you'd like.

Next I grabbed some sand paper & started playing around with distressing the imperfections in the table.  Note: if you 'mess up' paint over it, let dry & start again!

This is what I used for distressing (while drinking my coffee)!  

After I sanded & distressed my table base to the point I liked, I took a damp cloth to take off the dust then let that fully dry.

The final step I always use after I paint a piece is 'Minwax Finishing Wax Paste'.  The chalk paint companies have waxes you can use but they too are pretty spendy.  Minwax has a fantastic product with out the price tag!  I have used this for years & love it!

Here's what he finished base looks like!

I had enough chalk paint to do a small side table (shown) and a cute coffee table (not shown).  The top to this table was in really good condition so all I did here was use 'Restor-A-Finish' in a Mahogany color.  If you have never used this product before, you will change your life!!  I followed the directions on the can, then followed up with 'Howard Feed-N-Wax' for protection & hydration.  

I am a changed & apparently 'conformed' human. I like chalk paint. I will MAKE MY OWN chalk paint. I will embrace change. I will save money. I still struggle with conformity.

So have YOU tried making your own chalk paint yet??  I'd love to hear about it & see some pics of your projects!

~ marie 

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